Full Name
Renata Hage
Job Title
Team Crew
American Crew
Speaker Bio
Renata started experimenting, styling, and dying hair back in 2003. From the past to right now she is passionate about learning everything that the industry has to offer. She was very driven and motivated to learn all the new trends and styles in the industry.

In 2010, when she went to the American Crew Academy, it sparked a fire within her that burns strong for the men’s hair industry. Her passion escalated from learning to educating people with the same type of drive.

With Renata’s guidance and teaching, she has helped many stylists reach their full potential because of the team she works with. She has maintained her current clients for a number of years and is excited to also gain new ones. While meeting with clients, she educated them on their cuts and also helps them style their hair with American Crew products so they can feel confident in their everyday life.

Becoming an American Crew Educator in 2011 has changed her life in such a positive way. The experience she received throughout the years has helped shape the stylist she is today. American Crew and their methods helped her excel in the men’s industry. The cut and the products go hand in hand for the clients. The products enhance the style.
Renata Hage